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Moving to another country is always difficult.

When I first moved to Paris, I realized how different everything was from the US. Having Maïa help me with everything like getting a phone, opening a bank account, and especially all of the administrative paperwork to get my visa was the best. Really, I couldn't have done it without her!

We want to be your French friend that can help you when you don’t understand paperwork you need to fill out in French or when you need to call the prefecture but your French isn’t good enough and you’re not sure you’ll understand everything.

- Charlie

Some of the services we can help you with:

  • Advice for living in Paris/France - Which neighborhoods are safest? Best restaurants?
    How can I extend my visa? etc.

  • Guided tours - We can visit all of the classic sites or show you how to experience Paris like a real Parisian!

  • Help if you're moving to France - help with understanding administrative paperwork, etc.

  • Resume/CV help - Looking for a job in France? Let us help spruce up your resume!

  • Just about anything else you would want to know about living/working/studying in France, really! We've learned so much about visas, health insurance, studying abroad, and working as a foreigner in France and we're willing to share everything we know with you!

We are not lawyers or experts, and we can’t really promise anything. We can't guarantee you'll get a visa, for example. We’re just offering our time and experience to help you the best we can.


Available in Paris or via Skype
50€ / hour