We truly believe speaking the language is the most fun and efficient way to learn French!

Private French lessons could be the extra help you need in order to make the progress you want and be able to speak French with confidence!



Available in Paris or via Skype
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1. Set your unique goals

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2. Custom lessons based on your needs

3. Focus on actually using the language


About Our Private Lessons

 •  First, we find out what YOUR goals are and the best way to go about reaching them.

 •  We specialize in conversational French, which means you’ll be speaking A LOT from the very first lesson, but don’t worry we’ll help you every step of the way.

 •  No textbooks, no boring exercises !! Unless you’re focusing on academic French, we generally don’t use textbooks/worksheets. We find these make you feel like you’re making progress, but in the end they don’t really help you so much when it comes time to use your French in real life. We instead prefer to show you how the language works by actually using it in conversations with you.

 •  We also share a lot of practical tips and tricks for you to make learning French easier and more enjoyable, stuff that you wouldn’t find in any textbook.