Best French Youtubers to Learn Real Spoken French With


Many intermediate French students are looking for French movies and shows that are easy enough to understand.
But what you need keep in mind is that movies are scripted and sometimes far from real life spoken French.
It’s important to still watch them and integrate French in your life :)

Personally, I would highly recommend checking out the French youtube channels and New Media people :)

I picked some of my favourite channels that I know speak super naturally and have interesting content.

Please keep in mind that they don’t make their content for French learners, so it will be a challenge to understand at first. So don’t feel bad if you cannot understand everything. :-)

Check out our video on “how to improve your French with French movies“.
or here’s our favourite French TV Shows

And if these videos are just too difficult, we have many e-Books or e-Courses to help you improve you French.

🎬Marie S’Infiltre 🎬

She’s a French actress who has a show on her youtube channel.
her facebook

If you like hidden cameras type of shows, Marie is really great at it!
Every video is on a different subject (le bac, buy an appartment in Paris, French elections etc..) and everytime she acts as a different role.

It's really funny and a great way to listen to spoken French ! And she even writes French subtitles underneath!! Amazing!😀👍


🎬 Panayotis Pascot 🎬

He’s a French comedian & internet person
Instagram - Youtube channel

Here's one of my favourite French comedian. He started working on the super famous French news talk show QUOTIDIEN when he was 17 years old haha. And now he's doing more internet stuff like sketches on youtube and standup shows.


But what I love are his daily instagram stories. He's always sharing some funny thoughts or things that happened in his life.

Check out his Instagram for some daily dose of French 😀
And you can also find some of his old instagram stories reuploaded on youtube.
Here’s one of them :


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🎬 Tev&Louis 🎬

If you like Japanese culture and you want to know what French people think about it too, I recommend the Youtube channel called TEV & LOUIS

They speak fast and make a lot of jokes, so it might be more difficult to understand at first but it’s important to challenge yourself sometimes 😀


They also have their own youtube channels with different type of content.

First you have Louis, a 20 year old, half Japanese and half French, talking about his experiences and his love for Japan. His style is speaking suuuuuper fast in his videos just for fun… so that’s like an extra challenge for you! haha
Here’s a clip from the channel Louis San


Next is Benoit from the channel Ici Japon
He’s a French guy living in Japan with his family, travelling around the country, talking about his business selling Japanse candy and about having a family over there.
Here’s one of his video :


🎬 Esther Taillifet 🎬

And last but not least, here’s a French Youtuber / Personnal Development Speaker
Her Youtube channel

If you're interested in personal development videos and self improvement content on Youtube, I highly suggest to watch Esther's videos.

Her content will suit more intermediate/advanced levels of French 😊 But it's also good to challenge yourself and see if you can understand the context.
Also, a fun idea, is to go read the comments beneath the videos and see what people are thinking about the video. 😊
In this clip, she talks about difficulties focusing when you have to work !


We hope you liked our selection for the month of October.

We’ll be back next month for more French culture, and next we’ll talk about French TV shows!

But make sure you check out our previous posts of August and September

Bisou :) 

/ Maïa

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