Tips for Practicing with Language Partners



You can learn French way more efficiently if you find a friend who you can speak french with!
BUT If you want someone to listen to you and give you corrections, that is a language teacher, and that costs money.
If you're willing to spend, contact us to take private lessons :)



Finding a language partner is different than paying for language lessons.

There are two options:

  • You can do a language exchange : meaning that you find language partner and you teach the other person your language, and he/she teaches you their language.
    Native speakers are more likely to be open to this kind of partnership!

  • A conversation partner is someone who's not necesseraly french and who wants to talk to you in French about fun topics you have in common. I recommend finding someone who speaks French at the same level that you do. Like that you can also make progress together.

Remember, being a native speaker is not the same thing as being a teacher. Native speakers will speak too quickly to be beneficial for your language development.


Meet other french learners on our facebook group :
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Find French natives who want to learn english on Tania's facebook group :
English Challenges Conversation Group
English Challenges Women's Conversation Group

Or check out :,, forums, when travelling etc...


TOP TIPS for finding a language partner


  • Be ok with rejection.
    Out of 50 people Charlie sent messages to back in 2013, only one responded!
    Don't be rude if someone doesn't respond or doesn't want to be your language partner.
    Just move on. :)

  • Be ok with rejecting.
    Don't feel obligated to respond or engage with anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable. If at any point you don't want to continue being someone's partner, it's ok to end the partnership.

  • Be natural and polite. 
    Don't start by flirting or saying "Hey beautiful." It's creepy.
    Be friendly and express interest in the other person. 

  • Practice with multiple people
    If you can, consider having multiple "language friends", or find a group of friends you can speak with.

    The point of all this is that you speak french as often as possible because that's the real test of your knowledge as well as the best practice you can get to learn how to improvise a conversation.



Make sure you check out this blog I wrote about finding language partners. It’s full of great tips that will help facilitate your language adventure.

This content was inspired by an Instagram Live with Tania from English Challenges. 
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